Best Of The Fest 2016 Winners Announced!!

With our Melb/Syd/Bris dates announced, we're getting pretty excited here in Little Big Shots headquarters! Check each individual event page for specific details but here we can proudly announce the winners of our Kids Jury Awards!

Back in April we brought a dozen kids together, aged between 6 and 12 years old, and went through every film in our new 2016-17 program. Our illustrious jury voted on every film and came up with the winning films that compose our Best Of The Fest package. It's an exciting selection of films and we're incredibly proud of the choices our jury made. They have chosen wisely and over the coming months you all can sample the winning films.


As voted on by our Kids Jury composed of a dozen kids aged between 6 and 12. All the following titles compose the Best of the Fest session.




Best International Film: Bingo (The Netherlands)

Runners up: Johnny Express (Korea), Bear and Bird (USA)




Best Australian Film: Bunny New Girl (Australia)

Runner Up: Cookin’ With Fire (Australia)





Best Child-Made Film: Clay VS Fridge (Australia, Dir: Alako Myles, 12 y/o, NSW)

Runners Up: Flake White and the Seven Lady Dwarves (Belgium, 12 school children),

Alone This Time (Australia, Dir: Pyper Prosen, 11 y/o, Melbourne)




Also making up our Best Of The Fest session will be a few extra special picks from our Festival Director, Ben Laden. These are Ben's favorite films in the program and they make up one of our strongest festival programs yet!


Festival Director’s Picks of the Program:

The Marathon Diary (Norway),

PAWO (Germany),

Achoo! (Japan)