Odd Squad: The Movie

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Announcing our special feature presentation for 2017!

With special permission from ABC Me;

Odd Squad: The Movie

Originating as a highly successful kids tv show, Odd Squad: The Movie involves a team of specially trained agents in a kid-run top-secret agency that uses their problem solving skills to discover the causes of mysterious goings on. This time the kid agents are up against a group of grown-ups called Weird Team who runs Odd Squad out of business and the agents are forced to retire and become regular kids again. All seems lost until Odd Squad discovers Weird Team is not actually solving problems and they are up to no good. Armed with only their wits, the kids regroup and break into their old headquarters to save the day. The movie features big action set pieces, odd creatures, and even a trip to space. There's lots more action, problem solving, great visual effects and even a trip to outer Space!

Come along to this fantastic event and support Little Big Shots at the same time. There'll be a raffle and giveaways, plus the LBS Kids' Jury will be attending to vote on this wonderful film. See you all there!

Time: 10.30am
Place: ACMI C2
Date: April 13th