Best Of The Fest 2016

As voted on by our Kids Jury, these are the winning films of the 2016-17 festival. Featuring the Best International and Australian films, the best films made by children and some extra special favorite films chosen by our Festival Director.


Best International Film: Bingo (The Netherlands)

Runners up: Johnny Express (Korea), Bear and Bird (USA)


Best Australian Film: Bunny New Girl (Australia)

Runner Up: Cookin’ With Fire (Australia)


Best Child-Made Film: Clay VS Fridge (Australia, Dir: Alako Myles, 12 y/o, NSW)

Runners Up: Flake White and the Seven Lady Dwarves (Belgium, 12 school children), Alone This Time (Australia, Dir: Pyper Prosen, 11 y/o, Melbourne)


Festival Director’s Picks of the Program: The Marathon Diary (Norway), PAWO (Germany), Achoo! (Japan)

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Bunny New Girl
Flake White and the Seven Lady Dwarves
The Marathon Diary
Clay VS Fridge
Cookin' With Fire
Alone This Time
Johnny Express
Bear and Bird