• In his usual way back from school Juancito, a solitary country boy from Patagonia, meets a little horse which seems...

    Nicolás Conte
    8.17 minutes
  • A boy wakes to the sound of an ice cream truck. He goes outside to buy an ice cream and the chase begins.

    Timothy Morrow
    2.43 minutes
  • While looking for a missing limb in a junkyard, Jack discovers what he really misses is a friend.

    Quentin Haberham
    3.00 minutes
  • Kiko is a “magician” who, with a pencil, brings his creations to life: beautiful teddy bear dolls. While...

    Paco Gisbert & Paqui Ramirez & Ramon Alos
    9.17 minutes
  • Should you let strange tapirs into your house just like that?

    Salla Kallio
    15.50 minutes
  • At night in a sleepy town, within a deserted kitchen a microwave turns. A bottle warms up while a hungry baby cries...

    Toma Leroux , Patrick Delage
    6.00 minutes
  • A girl from Canada opens her suitcase at home and finds something unexpected…

    Yoshino Aoki
    2.00 minutes
  • A mechanical man finds a friend.

    Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espirages
    11.07 minutes
  • Two penguins join forces to make a magical structure blending a ship and an airplane.

    Elena Nesterova
    6.18 minutes
  • Pitt and Weem live on a rubbish dump. It's an idyllic life but for one thing - the neighbors. When there is a...

    Nigel Cutler
    9.42 minutes

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