With our huge 11th festival coming up in 2015, Little Big Shots continues to search high and low, right across the globe, for the world’s best films for kids, about kids, and sometimes even by kids, to amaze and delight kids aged 2 to 15.


Unlike the experience of attending a blockbuster kids’ flick at the local multiplex, where follow-up activities might be limited to buying a gimmicky toy or snacks, Little Big Shots offers kids a truly fun and nourishing experience that encourages them to express and develop their ideas.

Each year, the festival program is supported by a comprehensive education kit compiled this year by the ACMI education staff. The kit will be available during the festival. Stayed tuned for download details soon. It will contain a number of relevant questions and activities to encourage your kids to continue thinking about the major ideas and themes of the films, as well as the craft and process of filmmaking itself, long after the festival screening has ended.

Each year at Little Big Shots in Melbourne, the festival runs a film reviewing competition and every child who attends is encouraged to enter. The top ten film reviewers score a spot on the festival’s 10-member children’s jury for the following year and also have their reviews published on the Little Big Shots website.

Each Little Big Shots screening is preceded by an informative introduction and, where possible, local filmmakers are in attendance to participate in post-screening Q&A sessions. All this makes for a fun and meaningful film experience for the whole family.

What other parents have said:

“We attended the Little Big Shots screening on Saturday morning at ACMI and thought it was great. We had a 5 year old birthday party there and the children had a ball.”

“Two of my children (6 and 3) and I attended Little Big Shots last week. We were very impressed with the films. For the last year or two, I have been looking for quality films appropriate for children, as an alternative to Disney, Pixar, etc. Thank you for bringing the festival to Melbourne.”

“My 11-year-old son went to Little Big Shots for a school excursion and was so impressed that we went with a few families on the weekend. As parents, we were unanimously pleased to see a refreshing blend of movies that were not mass-produced razzamatazz offerings for a change. I hope there are lots more to follow.”

“Thanks for a great festival ... we loved being involved. As a parent, I think it so important to have a festival like this because, as you say, it really does give kids a voice ... and we were so pleased that our son’s voice got to be heard!”

“Our family is very much looking forward to the next Little Big Shots. My 6 yr old daughter and 9yr old son had a great time last year and attending your festival has become a tradition since we moved to Melbourne in 2006.”



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