Little Big Shots Education Program - Films to make students think and create.

This year Little Big Shots are hosting several special screenings just for schools at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

Sessions for Primary and Secondary students will be held on Thursday the 4th of June and Friday the 5th of June. Each screening will showcase extraordinary films from all over the world made for, about and by children. The films are a mix of animation and live action, child made and adult made.

Each screening will run for approximately an hour and will conclude with an informative Q and A with a film maker. Each student will recieve a Little Big Shots program to take home.



$10 per student. Teachers free.



ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne.



Primary School Sessions:

Thursday 4th June, 2015

10.15am to 11.30am.

12pm to 1.15pm.


Friday 5th June, 2015

10.15am to 11.30am.


Secondary School Session:

Friday 5th June, 2015

12pm to 1.15pm.


Why choose a Little Big Shots Excursion?

A Little Big Shots learning experience can be used to develop a range of screen literacy concepts including narrative, setting, character, complication, resolution and audience.

The films promote social and artistic development and inspire discussion of cultural diversity, different languages, education, rights and responsibilities, family, friendship, relationships, tolerance, love, honesty, conflict management, emotional intelligence and human values.


Education Resources:

Teachers will also have access to a comprehensive Teacher’s Kit which includes activities and focus questions to help students explore the themes and curricular links from the films. This resource will be available soon and will be sent to teachers before the screening. 

Download examples of our primary and secondary kits from 2014 here and from 2013 here.

Our Festival Director Ben Laden is also available to visit your school for student Q&As before or after your excursion to enrich your educational experience.


Bookings through ACMI:

Primary School Screening (ages 4-10) :

10.15am - Thursday 4th June, 2015

12pm - Thursday 4th June, 2015

10.15am - Friday 5th June, 2015


Secondary School Screening (Ages 8-15) :

12pm - Friday 5th June, 2015


About the films:

Primary school screening – Suitable for students aged 4-10

Titles to be announced.


Secondary school screenings – Suitable for students aged 8-15

Titles to be announced.


More information:

To find out more about Little Big Shots contact Festival Director Ben Laden at Little Big Shots on 0427 952 220 or email


- What other teachers have said

- Curriculum links

- See your students' work up on the big screen!

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What other teachers have said

"Congratulations on a fabulous program! The children, the teachers and the parents have all been raving about it."

"We really enjoyed the festival this year. Congratulations on making the selection so varied, thought provoking and entertaining."

"We thoroughly enjoyed the excursion to your film festival. The kids absolutely loved it. We are running our own short film festival next term which will be fun as we are inspired and excited after our excursion."

"The kids loved the festival and were greatly inspired to produce something of their own for next year. The teachers also though the films were great."

"Your festival was truly inspirational. I have been creating small videos and clips with the kids all year as it is a passion of mine. It has been a wonderful way to address the curriculum through creat ive media. I am looking forward to hopefully showing off a few of the videos we have done."

"Fantastic selection of movies to amuse, entertain and challenge."

"Little Big Shots was a fantastic experience for our students and was much appreciated by the staff. Visual literacy is an ongoing focus for us and we benefited from the range and quality of the films shown. So thank you once again!"

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Curriculum links

In Victoria, the Little Big Shots program supports the implementation of the following VELS:

VELS Strand
Physical, personal and social learning
VELS Domains
Interpersonal Development - Personal Learning - Health and Physical Education
VELS Strand
Interdisciplinary learning
VELS Domains
Communication - Thinking Processes
VELS Strand
Discipline based learning
VELS Domains
English - The Arts - The Humanities

In NSW, the Little Big Shots program offers the following curriculum links:

Creative Arts Visual Arts: (appreciating, making) Music (listening) Drama (appreciating, elements of drama, dramatic forms)
HSIE: Cultural Diversity
PDHPE: Interpersonal Relationships, Growth and Development, Communicating

Photography: Digital Media, Making, Conceptual Framework, Strength and Meaning, Representation
English: Language Forms and Features, Context (range of social, gender and cultural perspectives)
Experience Through Language: The Global Village
PDHPE: Self and Relationships (changes and challenges, interpersonal communication)
Drama: Appreciating (inter-cultural drama and theatre, small screen drama)

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See your students' work up on the big screen!

One of the aims of Little Big Shots is to showcase excellence in filmmaking by kids from around Australia, and around the world. If any of your students are making films, at school or at home, the festival offers them a fantastic way to find large and enthusiastic audiences for their work.

Submitting a film is free, films must be suitable for children aged within the range of 2 to 18, and will not be selected if they include excessive or gratuitous violence, sexual references, profanity/coarse language, use of substances or have content that advocates and supports racial, cultural, religious, or gender bias.

Check our deadlines and detailed entry requirements here.

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